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e Anudeshan

Election Training Management System



Welcome to our election training management website “e-ANUDESHAN”. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive training resources for election workers. This training website is designed to provide training to election staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct fair, transparent, and efficient elections. It aims to empower election workers with comprehensive training modules covering various aspects of electoral processes.



01.      Training

Our training feature offers comprehensive modules covering various aspects of the electoral process, from voter registration to candidate nomination and polling procedures. Users can access interactive lessons, videos, and quizzes to enhance their understanding of electoral laws, procedures, and best practices.

02.       Quiz

The quiz feature allows users to test their knowledge and understanding of electoral concepts and procedures. Users can choose from different quiz categories such as voter eligibility, ballot counting, or campaign finance regulations. Instant feedback is provided upon completion of each quiz, helping users identify areas for improvement.

03.    Certificate

Upon successful completion of training modules and quizzes, users can earn certificates of completion. These certificates serve as tangible proof of the user’s understanding and proficiency in electoral processes. Users can showcase these certificates on their resumes or professional profiles.

04.   Trainer Registration

Our website provides a platform  for experienced individuals passionate about electoral education to register as trainers. Trainers can create profiles highlighting their expertise, credentials, and areas of specialization in electoral processes. Registered trainers have access to a dashboard where they can manage their profile, view training requests, and schedule training sessions. They can also upload training materials, resources, and lesson plans to share with trainees.

05.    Election Staff

Election staff can access training modules tailored to their roles and responsibilities, ensuring they are well-equipped to carry out their duties effectively.

06.    Citizens

For common citizens, the website serves as a one-stop destination to learn about their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities to participate in the electoral process. Citizens can familiarize themselves with voter registration procedures, polling station locations, voting methods, and complaint mechanisms, empowering them to engage actively in democracy


e-Anudeshan Introduction(pdf)