Another attempt: the rigidity of the administration to improve the city’s traffic system

Publish Date : 20/06/2019


The municipality has issued 325 notices in the city to remove encroachment. Probably for the first time the action is being taken against the non-aggressors after the formation of the new council. A municipality was also organized in the city on Thursday. The notice reached only on Wednesday. Three days before the streets of the city began to draw white streaks on both sides. People have been told that they keep their belongings and building inside it. Those who do not do this will be acted on. Apart from this, places have also been marked for parking in three places. Well these are the same places where there was a plan to make parking in the east but could not succeed. The city’s traffic system is also working to coordinate with the traffic department.

These ranges have been drawn from the Vijay Pillar in the city to the main places of the market including Bus Stand, Thandala Gate, Rajwada. Chief municipal officer LS Dodiya said, the traffic arrangement is being specially done. Notices have been given to temporary encroachers. Two-to-three places in the city, one-way building and three places of parking, old MLA’s residence bus stand, old doctors quarters bus stand and Dilip Club complexes have been observed. Action will be launched soon.

Dary Rahla Dilip Club’s plan: The parking arrangements are now being done in the Dilip Club complex. That is, the plan that was planned for its revival two years ago, is now in cold storage. The tribal museum was built here, which has never been opened since the inauguration in June 2018. There was a dust-burning gun in the tahsil premises of archeological importance. There was no work to give place for food zones and cultural events. The building itself is locked.

325 encroachment notice, white ridges drawn in the city

White band color turned out to be a speed breaker in many places

To fix the extent of roads in the city, along with the white stripes, there are many stripes in the streets between the roads and the speed breakers are being labeled but the fixed parameters are not being fulfilled. Because of this, this white color has started leaving the roads in two days. The criteria are that thermoplastic compounds should be used to make these white stripes. That too with Reflectorizing Glass Beads The color of the plastic compound sticks firmly and due to glass beads, it shines in the night. Its thickness should be two and a half millimeters CMO says, seeing the criteria, they will do the same work accordingly.