The princely state of Jhabua was a guaranteed chiefship under the Bhoplwar Agency, Central India during the British Raj. It was bounded on the north by Kushalgarh State in the Rajputaua Agency, on the south by Jobat State, on the east by Ali-Raipur and Dhar, and on the west by the Pauch Mahals District of Bombay. The State lay wholly in the mountainous region of Malwa known as Rath which constituted of the western boundary of the Malwa plateau, and later became a part of the Malwa Agency in 1927.

After India’s independence in 1947, Jhabua’s last ruler signed the accession to the Indian Union on 15 June 1948, and Jhabua became part of the newly created Madhya Bharat state, which in 1956 was merged into Madhya Pradesh.