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           Jhabua is a sparsely populated and predominantly tribal district located in the western part of Madhya Pradesh. In Jhabua, the district centre of “National Informatics Centre ” was established in Collectorate building in the year 1989 to extend informatics services to all the Govt. Departments in the district.

           Since its inception, NIC district Centre Jhabua is providing the required support services in design, development & implementation of appropriate MIS/Databases at the district level , training, assistance in electronic communication and processing of  various data etc. The NIC district Centre Jhabua has imparted training to many employees of various users of Govt. departments in the district. The Centre is providing necessary support and technical guidance to Govt. departments having their own computers.

Video Conferencing facility In NIC Jhabua:

NIC Jhabua has started its Video Conferencing facility in the month of January 2005. A Video Conferencing meeting is usually brief and focused than a face to face meeting..

Email and internet facility:

NIC District Center Jhabua providing E-mail and Internet facility to govt. departments.

LAN Connectivity:

NIC District Center Jhabua provided 37 Node connectivity to state govt. departments.


1.Creation of new web pages and updating the web site.
2.Collection, compilation and transmission of the data over NICNET of various projects running in the district.
3.The Centre is providing necessary support and technical guidance to Govt. departments which having their own computers.
4.Providing training to the users of various Govt. Dept. for using various utility software , MIS etc.

Contact Details

District Informatics Centre
Collectorate Campus
Jhabua- 457661 (M.P.)

E-Mail :

Phone : 07392 – 243409(O)