Festival Bhagoriya

  • Celebrated on/during: March
  • Significance:

    One of the major festivals of Tribal People Culture is “Bhagoria”. Tribal People Culture is seen at the peak of in the Bhagoria festival. With the announcement of the date of Bhagoria, preparations for the Bhagoria Haat in tribal areas begin. In which tribal culture and modern life meet the confluence of the people. The festival of Bhagoria Hats begins in Holika seven days before the combustion. Bhagoria is a “Haat Market”where we all meet. Celebrate business-business with glee. It is a celebration of life and love which is celebrated with music, dance and colors. During this time many fairs are held in the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh and thousands of young men and young women attend these fairs in their traditional clothes.

  • Popular Edibles : Dal Paniya