Places of Interest


Deojhiri is 8 km. North-east of Jhabua on Ahmedabad-Indore State Highway No.22. It lies 1 km. To the west of the road, on Sunar river. As the name of the village denotes there is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva( Deo, a diety) and jhiri or a perennial spring. The spring has been built up into a kund. A samadhi of some religious is held on Baisakh Poornima, which falls mostly in the month of april according to Gregarian calender.

The village have a panchayat bhawan , a primary school and sub-health centre.



In Rangpura near Jhabua city there is a Rampanchayat Mandir and a jain Mandir.

Beside this are ancient Shiv Mandir in Jhabua city, Rajwada, Hanuman  Tekri, Anas Nursery etc  are the important places of tourist.