QR Code Based Attendance System

1. QR Code Based Attendance System



Election is a challenging task within itself and keeping track of the personnel involved directly in the polling process is another challenge. 4000 to 5000 election workers collect election materials at specific palace within some time limits it is very rush and hard job to take there information who’s take material or not so Jhabua district of M.P found the solution of this question in widely used QR code technology. By Simply scanning a QR code a polling party can register its attendance after receiving election material.


  • This technology helps in real time ,precise and quick tracking of polling parties at time of departure and arrival .
  • Its easy to use and time saving just scan the QR code enter some information that’s it.
  • It is very useful for monitoring purpose to Admin i.e. DEO, DEPUTY DEO, Nodal Officers.
  • It is ecofriendly mechanism to take attendance no paper need to do the things.
  • District election officer or other higher authorities can view the attendance sheet of all polling parties at just one click.