Aacharya Vidhyasagar Gau-samvardhan Yojana (Dairy Unit)

Date : 01/04/2020 - | Sector: Veterinary Department/Animal Husbandry M.P. Govt.

To increase milk production and hence increase in per capita milk availability. Induction of good breed of cattle and Buffalo from other state. To increase income of beneficiaries. In this scheme livestock owners can apply for maximum 10 Buffalo or 10 Crosssbred cow or 10 Indigenous descript cow. This scheme is bank loan oriented. 


all categories (SC/ST/OBC/General), Age- 18 to 40 years, Land- 1 hectare


subsidy/margin money- SC/ST – 33% of unit cost (maximum 2 lakh) OBC/General- 25% of unit cost (maximum 1.5 lakh) remaining bank loan.

How To Apply

Scheme form can be applied at block level veterinary hospital of district.